Change what you do (Begin Again)

I had achieved what I thought I had wanted all along
But it wasn’t what I wanted anymore
That rocked me to my core

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Your Possibility

Wise in ways beyond your years
Because you didn’t give in to the pressure
Of society and conformity
You chose more wellness over online presence
Travel over Netflix dependence
Losing the virtual reality to be your own reality
Looking ahead, don’t stop your quest
Don’t resist the opportunities in your periphery
Lookup and see #poetry #yourpossibility

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Go Out & Play

From childhood we see the possibility The moon Space travel The galaxy The hero and the heroine Pegasus the noble steed Growing up is hard to do Consumed by the challenges in front of you Attuned to the path, the journey within […]

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Your Cure

Words appear sometimes like deja vu You didn’t have to think, it’s as if you knew The page fills with colour and light So bright you don’t even have an appetite You are lost in the zone The frenzy, the lines of […]

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The Working Week

Monday to Thursday Just aren’t fun I rarely see a happy tweet For the working week Imagine a message of, I can’t wait for Tuesday Temptation What a revelation Or Wednesday Waycation Sweeping the nation With Thursday Tribulation Causing vibrations and celebrations […]

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A Life Well Lived

Life of grime Or life of crime The daily grind Doing time Hitting that treadmill Life on repeat What’s a waste of time? Step off Step out Shout Scream Begin Reinvent Don’t lament No racing Sharing Caring Giving Living What a difference […]

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Follow Your Gut

No matter what you do in life Listen to your gut Don’t think twice Ignore the cliches Like Keep your head down Don’t take a risk Don’t stand out A job for life Don’t shy away from failure Make mistakes Be stupid, […]

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Reach For A Life Less Ordinary

Life is wealth, Filled with possibility But do we make it a reality We deplete our credit in years Shedding tears without knowing In unconscious disrepair Perhaps it’s a lack of care Like our fathers before We get on the treadmill Making […]

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Free Your Flourish

Searching high and low For balance and flow To feel at one, in synch To be alive just think Maybe it’s a dance A song in perfect pitch A silent moment in the dark That scratch you’ve got to itch Whatever makes […]

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Lost & Free

I wrote a poem & kept it in a drawer I left it there amongst the needles For years it lay forlorn One day to mend a sock I came And there beneath the thread I spied the mottled poem That had […]

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Abundance Is You

You are worthy The universe is abundant You are equal Don’t squander your plenty Get better at receiving There’s no need to run on empty   Don’t limit your share There is enough to go round Explore your possibility Show your vulnerability […]

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